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Tagline: My Record is Clean
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    Logo Name
    The Redwine Law Firm
    Company Intro
    Tagline: My Record is Clean
    Color Scheme: Red, Black, White Style: Sleek, Easy to Read, Contemporary

    Reference Samples

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    andy2a year ago
    Here are the examples referenced in my notes!
    Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 11.39.03 AM.png
    REVISED Redwine Logo 3.jpg
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    andy2a year ago
    Just so they are all in the same place: Clients like this logo but had this request: Please use the original font that was used for "My Record" for "Injury & Expungement Lawyers."  Attached is an example of the font used for "My Record is Clean" that they'd like to replace the font used for "Injury & Expungement Lawyers." 
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