Superior Finish Painting & Spray Foam

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We are a Professional Painting and spray foam business
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    Logo Name
    Superior Finish Painting & Spray Foam
    Company Intro
    We are a Professional Painting and spray foam business
    I want something to stand out. Black and gold Or black and like green. I don’t mind having a gold accent in something on the design. I would like it to say Superior Finish and then under it say Painting & Spray Foam with a spray foam gun spraying out the word Spray foam. A gun and foam from like the apex insulation logo I added in the examples. And the paint brush from the example of prime painting with the brush painting the Word Painting in my logo. I also like the United roofing & maintenance logo design a lot that i have in the examples. I would like that logo design with it saying Superior Finish and under it saying “Painting & Spray Foam” with and above Superior Finish having the foam spray gun and the paint brush in a design up top. Like they have in theirs. I also like the foam spray gun I attached

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