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We are a retail shop that has a history of selling trophies, but now we're doing t-shirts and promotional items.
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    We are a retail shop that has a history of selling trophies, but now we're doing t-shirts and promotional items.
    I want to add the word promotions to my existing logo. I like the circular icon and I don't want to change it. I just want Royal Trophies and or & Promotions. I like the simplicity of the current design, but I want to add the word Promotions to it,
    Logo - Royal Trophies.pdf

    Reference Samples

  • Client626442 years ago
    You ignore the reference sample. I like my current logo. I love the simplicity of it. I just want to add promotions to it, but I want it to look seamless elegant and simple. I like the 1 color, but I'm open to 2 colors. The other branding color we work with is a green. Green and Black. The Icon is a staple, but I want people to think of us with Promotions in mind,.
  • Client626442 years ago
    One other thing... I want the logo to feel balanced. Royal Trophies is the name customers have recognized for over 30 years. 3 years ago I changed the logo. Now, I want to add the word Promotions to capture all of the extra stuff we do and I want customers and potential customers to think about when they see our name
  • Client626442 years ago
    Can you add "& Promotional Products" I think customers might not understand promotions mean promotional products also
  • Client626442 years ago
    Also for the record.. I do not like Gold. The first designer added gold. However, I am looking past that. I like Black and White and you can add green if you like. But ultimately we're looking at a black and white logo
  • Client626442 years ago
    Logo Royal Trophies and add the tagline: Awards and Promotional Products
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