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It is an estate on which there will be a large hazelnut plantation. The estate will take the story in the form of learning paths through the plantation, the story from seed to fruit, the sale of a wide variety of hazelnut products and in combination with them, children's camps, picnics, workshops, etc. will also take place in the park. The estate will be approximately 100,000m2 in size, and will include many activities in harmony with nature, tourism will take place here as part of tours and visits to the estate, trade and sale of a wide variety of products, as well as the educational part (workshops, alternative tourism, school learning paths, . ..)... Explantion of the name DEŽELA ČAROBNIH LEŠNIKOV = the land of magical hazelnuts DEŽELA = The land ČROBNIH = magical lEŠNIKOV = hazelnuts