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    Glad Tidings Church
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    Glad Tidings Church
    We would like a redesign of the attached business card please. Must look professional, with this new logo, be sized correctly to be easily readable as a business card. All info will remain the same except the time for food boxes will be from 10:00 - 10:20 AM (circled on attached example). Our biggest problem in the past with this is the font has been too small to be easy to read when printed on business card sizes so pls keep this in mind to correct for us. Note - these business cards are one sided The flyer is a new thing so I don't have an example to show you. Size will be 8.5 x 5.5 inch (basically 2 per A4 page). We as a church will be giving away food boxes full of non perishable food for people in need. The flyer needs to be attractive whether it is printed in black and white or color. It must be eye catching and obviously advertising free groceries. Wording must be 'Free Food Boxes for Those in Need' . Our address and pickup time must be listed, along with that it's available every Sunday. We would like to see some graphics (pictures) including food types (not fresh produce.. only non perishable types of things.. think pasta, Tinned foods, crackers, pasta sauces, rice etc) on the flyer.

    Business card
    Flyers to advertise that we are giving away food boxes to anyone in need.

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