Reel Double Deese Charters

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We are a salt water fishing charter boat out of Tierra Verde FL.
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    Logo Name
    Reel Double Deese Charters
    Company Intro
    We are a salt water fishing charter boat out of Tierra Verde FL.
    We want bright and bold. Something that catches your eye but isn’t tacky with avatars or overly cartoony. We want to focus on luxury deep sea fishing trips and need a logo that exudes both fun and sophistication. We also want people to know we are a fishing charter by our logo so we don’t wind up with a bunch of phone calls for snorkeling tours or sunset booze cruises. Feel free to ask any questions I will provide feedback on any designs we like.

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    Kristina Arnold2 years ago
    Our slogan is “our bait will catch fish or die tryin”
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