Georgia Veterans Law

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My law firm serves veterans of the United States military.
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    Logo Name
    Georgia Veterans Law
    Company Intro
    My law firm serves veterans of the United States military.
    I want to keep the colors of the logo as the colors of the American flag: red, white, blue. It would be nice to incorporate the American flag and/or the logo of my state, which is the American state of Georgia. I would like to keep it simple, descriptive, classic (though a modern twist on a classic design would be great), bold, and attractive. I do not want the initials of the law firm ("GVL") as part of the logo. The name of the law firm (without the initials) is sufficient, since I am not looking to use "GVL" as part of my brand identity. My brand identity will be "Georgia Veterans Law." However, if you can incorporate "GVL" into the logo in a creative way, then I would be open to it. I have done a logo with 48HoursLogo before and really was impressed by what I received. I look forward to all of your designs.

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