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Business Owners; Sales People; Networking; People looking for business referrals
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    Business Owners; Sales People; Networking; People looking for business referrals
    MODIFICATION: Please include designs with the words "Amplify Networking". I only asked for "Amplify" originally. Amplify Networking is a company that will have global reach and is about people connecting, exchanging referrals and expanding their business. There is an APP we are designing called AMP which stands for Actualize, Mobilize and Perform.

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    Naveed2 years ago
    My website is and I love my color palette there but am open to new ideas. I want something that has a LOT of contrast and stands out. Ideally I would LOVE for someone to play around with the idea of incorporating our software APP called "AMP" which which is where all members of Amplify Networking will be able to communicate, exchange leads and post to their social media outlets. I chose the name amplify because it is about expanding people's reach, ability to network with their community and capture rewards and points for passing great referrals. This is about generating referrals, making a difference and being part of a global community. Integrity and Trust are a huge part of the mission. We also aim to help startups with their business and act as an incubator to help the world's entrepreneurs reach their true potential. An amp takes a signal and maximizes it, boosts it, and makes it more audible. We wish to achieve that by giving amplification to people's vision.
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    Naveed2 years ago
    Please try and use both words "Amplify Networking" in your design. The emphasis still needs to be on the letters "AMP" as that will be the APP but is not necessary as that will likely have a complementing logo for the app stores.
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