The Straight Life

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Golf t-shirt sales. Target audience is just golfers good and bad
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    The Straight Life
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    Golf t-shirt sales. Target audience is just golfers good and bad
    I'm looking for a golfer teeing off, and hitting a ball down the center of the fairway (straight). Maybe a palm tree on each side of the fairway. i would like the ball flight as well, an arc of the ball going straight down the middle. Maybe a small green with the Flag in the distance and Sun. this would be for back of the shirt. with Phrase under it that Says "Life's better Straight". If possible i would want to have just the golfer and his ball flight arc smaller and separate for the front pocket section with 'The Straight Life' Under that. all of the writing and vibe should be kinda Beach boys vibe, or Boogie nights , 70's esc.

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