Troy Terminators

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2 years ago
A logo for jerseys for our AoE Esports team.
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    Logo Name
    Troy Terminators
    Company Intro
    A logo for jerseys for our AoE Esports team.
    Attached is our current LAN center logo, AoE Esports. The colors for this specific team logo, "Troy Terminators", doesn't have to match our current logo colors. You have a free range on colors. I am however looking for a unique "EXTREME CLOSE-UP" style though. Meaning if this was for a lion logo, you would see a close up of a lion where you can tell it is a lion but the whole head of the lion isn't visible within the logo. THE LION IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE FOR SCALE. I am looking for a Terminator. Sorry for any confusion.
    aoe png artwork.png
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