A McGlawn Insurance Agency (A Villanova Insurance Company)

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Insurance clients
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    Logo Name
    A McGlawn Insurance Agency (A Villanova Insurance Company)
    Company Intro
    Insurance clients
    We recently purchased the A McGlawn agency and when we do we cobrand with our company always putting "A Villanova Insurance Company" somewhere in the logo. We'd like to get a logo using his current logo, adding "A Villanova Insurance Company" to the wording below the A McGlawn Agency or somewhere else. Here is our website www.novainsurancepartners.com, and here is one the we cobranded after purchase to give you an idea "www.pen-ex.com.... the one this contest is for is https://www.mcglawninsuranceagency.com/ Attached is his current logo and ours that will go right next to it on the site.
    A McGlawn logo.png
    Nova transparent logo.png

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