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We are a leading manufacturing & distribution company in eastern and southern Africa, producing a product that is consumed by 10-15% of the population and also being classified by many as a FMCG product. To keep out consumers satisfied we need to stay ahead of the ever-evolving retail space. Our target market varies depending on the specific Brand in question and needs to be adaptable and relevant to the audience. We therefore need to ensure our own employees stay empowered and up-skilled at all times as we need to evolve just as fast (if not faster) than our consumers. We need to identify the trends and set them. This project aims to create a cement a foundation of a "Learning Culture" in our business whereby our employees WANT to learn as it allows them to define their own future. We will allow them to choose what they want to learn, and not enforce it, but rather encourage it. We would like to empower each employee to achieve wonderful and inspiring things based on the area they are positioned in.
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