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Professional Landscaping Companies, as well as Consumers who want to do their own landscaping.
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    Plant World
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    Professional Landscaping Companies, as well as Consumers who want to do their own landscaping.
    Their clients are primarily Wholesale to Professionals. Meaning that the majority of their business is selling plants (trees, shrubs, flowers, landscaping supplies) to professionals who do landscaping for their own residential and commercial clients. The other part of their business, although a smaller portion, is ALSO to the general public who want to do their own landscaping without hiring a professional landscaping company. So, they are able to buy from the same place that the professionals do to get their plants etc for their landscaping projects. They DO NOT want their logo design to look too frilly, like a flower shop. They sell more than just flowers. Again, they want to make sure that they do not lose site of their primary business and customer - the Landscape Professionals, as they do not want to offend 70% of their business so, please keep that in the forefront of your thinking with your designs. We also think it is a plus that home owners can shop where the pros shop and want to keep that part of the marketing strategy. Here is their current website and logo that we want to move AWAY from, but this will help give you an idea of what Plant World does. Please try to refrain from using a world/globe in your design. If you can show the diversity of plants they sell, without being frilly and making them look like only a flower shop, that is our goal! Thanks! We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    Great, thanks for everyone's submissions. We're in the process of reviewing with our client to pick the 3 finalists and will let you know if there's anything further we need. Thank you again for participating in our contest!
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    Hi everyone. Thank you again for all of your submissions and patience. We will be selecting finalists and providing feedback ASAP/later today. Thank you!
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