Big Time Beard

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Men ages 25-45
  • Design Brief2 years ago
    Logo Name
    Big Time Beard
    Company Intro
    Men ages 25-45
    Black, white, and whatever color you can think of. The primary use of this long will be a website header so the dimensions must be 400 x 200. This logo example pixelates at that size. Design something that will be high quality at all sizes. You can include the tagline: Grooming Essentials if you can include it in a design that looks clean. Ultimately looking for a bold logo that makes a statement something that is iconic that will last for generations. You don’t have to use the lion, however would like some type of iconic symbol that lets people know it is a men’s beard company. (Maybe a beard, man with a beard that sort of thing) Try some with some lions let’s see what you got!

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