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Realtors, Attorneys, Building Contractors, Homeowners
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    Realtors, Attorneys, Building Contractors, Homeowners
    We like the concept of Logo 45, but would like to see a version with orange instead of green, a dumpster as submitted in the attached files, and one sample that includes the paint splatter as in Logo 32. We like the font on Logo #45, but prefer that The business name is all one color. Please replace the tagline with " You Call We Haul ", but a tag line is optional. We also really like Logo 33, but would like the dump trailer replaced with either the dumpster (or) the roll off truck & dumpster similar to what I attached. The phone number to appear on the logo is (910) 271-4585 . This logo will be placed on a black background ( truck and trailer), but we would also like to screen it on to a gray t-shirt. Upon final completion, I would like to know the name of the fonts that are used on the logo so additional trailer lettering will match. We look forward to reviewing these designs as well as any other creative ideas that you may have.
    Logo 32.jpg
    Logo 33.jpg
    Logo 45.jpg
    Logo Dumpster image 1.jpg
    Trash roll off.png
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    Chris4 months ago
    I wanted to mention that the logo should be more "crisp and clear" than "abstract", meaning that we would like it to be recognizable from a distance. This will make it easier for branding etc. The logo will be placed on dumpsters on job sites, as well as our trucks. Thank you.
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