Pitter Patter Plumbing

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People in need of plumbing services.
  • Design Briefa year ago
    Logo Name
    Pitter Patter Plumbing
    Company Intro
    People in need of plumbing services.
    Hello! The first image attached is our old logo. We would like a new logo created with a similar concept but a different layout and a new look. We have attached a mockup of our ideal layout called "New Layout". Here are some key points of what we are wanting: 1. New logo should feature one dog instead of two 2. Dog should be in middle of logo holding pipe wrench in mouth 3. Reference photos of dog are attached 4. Please do not include the dog's accessories (collar, backpack, ect) 5. Background of logo should feature a lake instead of mountains 6. Please make the lake look similar to attached examples 7. Business name Pitter Patter Plumbing should be large and easily readable 8. Fonts and colors do not have to match old logo 9. We think a vintage style might be cool but we are open to all ideas 10. We have attached some vintage logo examples for inspiration but we are open to all looks Thank you in advance for your time! We can't wait to see your work!!
    Old Logo.png
    Dog Reference 1.jpg
    Dog Reference 2.jpg
    Dog Reference 3.jpg
    Dog Reference 4.jpg
    Dog Reference 5.jpg
    Dog Reference 6.jpg
    Dog Reference 7.jpg
    Dog Reference 8.jpg
    Dog Reference 9.jpg
    Pipe Wrench.jpg
    Lake Example 1.jpg
    Lake Example 2.jpg
    Lake Example 3.jpg
    Lake Example 4.jpg
    Lake Example 5.jpg
    New Layout.jpg
    Vintage Examples 5.jpg
    Vintage Examples 4.jpg
    Vintage Examples 3.jpg
    Vintage Examples 2.jpg
    Vintage Examples 1.jpg

    Reference Samples

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    Kayla Williamsa year ago
    We have relisted the contest with a higher prize and updated the design brief. Thank you so much for your participation!
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