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I run a pool business. We work on swimming pools. We service them such as cleanings and repairs.
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    I run a pool business. We work on swimming pools. We service them such as cleanings and repairs.
    The idea I had in mind is using a shark as my mascot. I was looking to have either a muscular strong shark or more regular looking with fins but with a happy vibe wearing sunglasses. maybe a Yellowish/orange glasses like the sun reflecting on him. I would like to have the shark holding a pool pole with a pool net attached to it maybe slung over his shoulder and his other hand maybe giving a thumbs up or resting it on the words or his hip. The words in the picture in BIG FONT would say "POOL SHARKS" and under it in slightly smaller font but still fairly big would say "POOL SERVICE & REPAIRS" and this could be in a different color.. I am opened to having it in maybe a yellowish/orange like hot sun color to match his glasses.. or stay with blueish/teal theme I would like to incorporate a pool in the background. maybe with a small ladder off to to the side so people know its a pool company when they see the logo. It would be cool to incorporate a beachy theme with this pool company because of the shark..ocean/pool with palm trees with sun set with seagulls or a pier in the background are some ideas. Color Scheme would be pool colors. Darker and light blues/ teal colors. bluish/green colors. The shark I was thinking would be cool looking in a blueish color with whiteish/gray, but i am opened to different shades of colors.

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  • zack2 years ago
    I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you artist/designers for submitting your work for this contest. It means a lot to me. I appreciate all of your unique styles. I look forward to the last few hours of the competition. Feel free to submit something unique too if you think of anything personally that would look appealing to yourself if you owned a swimming pool and wanted a company to come service it. All ideas are welcome in the final hours :)
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