The Voice For Real Estate

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Real estate journalist with social media audience .
  • Design Briefa year ago
    Logo Name
    The Voice For Real Estate
    Company Intro
    Real estate journalist with social media audience .
    I write a weekly real estate article and need a logo for this. Please embed the attached photo as appropriate . My vision is a circular or round logo with , The Voice for Real Estate title and by line: TW Shortt
    the voice for real estate logo pic.jpg
  • twshortta year ago
    some sample ideas
    sample 4.jpg
    sample 3.jpg
    sample 2.jpg
    sample 1.jpg
  • twshortta year ago
    more samples
    sample 10.jpg
    sample 9.jpg
    sample 8 - Copy.jpg
    sample 8.jpg
    sample 7.jpg
    sample 6 - Copy.jpg
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