Galletas For Good

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2 years ago
What is for good? For Good is a business that helps women out of poverty and abuse for their good. The way we do things is unique. We don’t just sell good cookies. We long to see whole lives transformed and this can only happen with life on life intentionality starting in the workplace. We help them discover who they are, what their value is and that they have a future. For their good and the good of the city. Vision: creating jobs for the good of the city Mission: We provide a place of connection, community and income for vulnerable women in hopes they would be independent, healthy contributors to society. Values: Justice/ fairness Hope Emotional wellbeing (healing) Kindness Empowerment Courage Fun/ laughter Learners Target Market Middle to upper class Cafes Adults (18+) Professionals Men and women Parents Catering for businesses and parties Instagram Why should the customer choose us? Quality They are good cookies Help do good Improve society Benefit women Extremely good customer service What we are not? Not a bakery We do not employ those who are chemically dependent. We do not do substance abuse rehab We focus on women NGO