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Welcome to the Business > You Podcast where we dive deep into the stories of men and women who have successfully transcended the frazzled solopreneur life and built productive teams for better lifestyle and income. I’m Nelson Barss, the founder and owner of Utah Independent Mortgage Corp, and I’m Liz Sears, founder and co-owner of My Utah Agents. We are excited for you to listen, interact, and grow with us – so please share your comments below, and let’s get started! Target Audience: People who want to build a business. Frustrated by trying to do it all. Some have been in business for a long time, some are new. They have hit a ceiling. Both Men and Women, in any industry. Having difficulty committing to real employees. Focused on freelancers, or Virtual Assistants, etc. Seeking advice for good hiring practices, effective delegation, onboarding, training.
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