The Snake Oil Salesman

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2 years ago
My Target Audience is Health and wellness, people that shop at Wholefoods or Sprout or trader joes. people that are into Natural Health. Moms with Kids. dōTERRA is 80% women. Here is the description on my page. Have you ever thought you were sold by the Snake Oil Salesman? I did when my wife first brought home Essential Oils. I was Blown away, and overwhelmed, and I know there is others out there like me. However, after using them for over a decade and watching them work time and time again. I wanted to create this channel to help others understand them and see how I went from anti oils to pro oils, and how you coma make them complicated but really they are very simple with a little direction. so many people have oils but don't know how to use them safely and effectively. Maybe Incorporate a snake? My Youtube channel: