Diamond Life Wealth

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6 months ago
Financial Services for women business owners
  • Design Brief9 months ago
    Logo Name
    Diamond Life Wealth
    Company Intro
    Financial Services for women business owners
    My colors are purple and gold and white but I really want your ideas
  • Design Concepts Completed9 months ago
  • Jennifer Jost9 months ago
    The main name needs to be Diamond Life then Wealth. I also have another business Diamond Life Planning so Wealth and Planning will be interchangeable. Also looking for modern and more feminine.
  • Jennifer Jost9 months ago
    Also more Purple than gold I think, but open to new ideas. See www.jenniferjost.com and www.diamondlifeplanning.com
  • Jennifer Jost9 months ago
    looking for something different and modern than what I have now on Diamondlifeplanning.com
  • Jennifer Jost9 months ago
    I am looking for a logo not just Writing "Diamond Life Wealth". I need it to be clear Diamond Life Wealth but also need a Logo as well. Looking for a modern feel, maybe a tech font. I want something comletely different but professional since it is a financial firm
  • Jennifer Jost9 months ago
    can you please try this purple or something close to it #81639c
  • Jennifer Jost9 months ago
    I help empower women with their money. I am not a jewelry store so staying away from the normal Diamond would be great. I am trying to go more modern and tech font
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