War Machine Motorsports

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We are an offroad racing team that races UTVs in the desert.
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    Logo Name
    War Machine Motorsports
    Company Intro
    We are an offroad racing team that races UTVs in the desert.
    Our car color is OD Green (military green). An all black logo will suffice for now, although open to other interpretations. We are looking for an aggressive logo that has a bold/aggressive font that looks good in full length (War Machine Motorsports) but that can also look good abbreviated (WMM). If the route of the examples above with the turbos and pistons is taken, maybe instead of a turbo use a gear cog (machine), and instead of a piston on one side do some kind of weapon (M4, machine gun, missile/bomb/etc.) to show the war side. I am a US Army Veteran so I need a logo that doesn't say "cheesy army logo" but looks like something someone would want on a car/hat/shirt/etc.

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