The Fat Pelican

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10 months ago
Food truck
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  • Design Brief10 months ago
    Logo Name
    The Fat Pelican
    Company Intro
    Food truck
    The attached is a piece of art that was purchased that inspired the name. I'd like a large colorful cartoon like pelican to be the center of the logo. One of his wings should be up in the air like he's throwing food into his mouth. Floating above his wing should be cupcakes, sandwiches, pie, cake, etc. Like they are getting ready to land in his wide open mouth. I'd prefer to have palm tree's on each side of him. Above the logo should be the word "The" and then below "Fat Pelican". I'd also like to included the website at the bottom. Should be a very colorful cartoonish logo.
    pelican art.jpg

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  • Design Concepts Completed10 months ago
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    melissa10 months ago
    I really want the pelican and the food to be the largest and most important part of the logo. I love bright colors, but the pelican and food should be the focal point and not get lost in the background.
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    melissa10 months ago
    I love design #34 and #36. I left messages on both for edits. I will want to purchase one or both of those.
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