Drink Mastery

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Cocktails, smoothies, all will be sharing all kinds of drink recipes.
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    Drink Mastery
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    Cocktails, smoothies, all will be sharing all kinds of drink recipes.
    So I have included alot of examples. I can comment what features of the ones I likes. The really basic one "Neilson Signatrue beef" and also the "Sobes rain queen", from these two I like the way it's signature font and then normal font beneath. BUT they are a bit to clean for me. I would like the font to be more shiny and more 3D poping out sorts off. A good example of this is the "Sticky" where there is a weedplant on top. I dont want the text with symbols tho. But I love the font. Another good example is the "Juicy moments". It could have got a tiny bit more shiny font that pops and also I do not want both words to be in signature font. And those colours is not suiting for my industry. Background elements: Also it could be cool to add an element like a margarita or some kind of cocktail/drink. Maybe some fruits as the ingredients. I like the logo "coupon junkies" because of the elements. I don't want black background, I want it to e transparent (white). The "Gasbield AVE" logo is awesome. I really like that one, but I would like the signature font to be abit more readable... Also some other colored text.

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