Team Sure Win

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11 years ago
We provide custom made sports uniforms such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football and baseball.
  • Design Brief11 years ago
    Logo Name
    Team Sure Win
    Company Intro
    We provide custom made sports uniforms such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football and baseball.
    We want to have a strong online presence. The logo should give a feel of strength, agility, and be dynamic. Transferable from color to monochrome. Should include an icon. For example, Nike has the swish, Adidas the 3 stripes, Fila the F logo, Puma well... the puma. Subtle customization of typography to make the font unique.
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    Admin11 years ago
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    I am looking at a unique typography. I am more inclined to short list a logo with subtle customization to the font characters.
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    For a color motiff, I have decided to use Gold, Royal Blue. Of course the neutral colors white and black are acceptable without saying.
  • karjen11 years ago
    please check 30 to 32, thank you
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    Thanks to everybody who participated during the qualifying stage. You are all good artists. Keep 'em up.

    To the finalists, congratulations on being short listed. Some of you were chosen not for the design you submitted, but for your portfolio and your past works that resemble the requirements as mentioned in my project listing and the contest discussions.

    In the next couple of days, I will post more feedback of what I will be looking for. So please make sure to return to this contest page often.
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    Really wonderful varied submissions. This is tough. I will try to describe this so that the revisions will be more consistent:

    1. Typography of TSW should be unique.
    2. The words "Team Sure Win" should appear.
    3. Icon is 3 stars.
    4. Sporty feel.
    5. Royal Blue and Gold colors.
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    Looking forward to the finalists revision entries based on the (hopefully) clearer directions above.
  • harshikagraphics11 years ago
    Please follow the draft and provide your feedback
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    Wow. This is going to be really difficult. All beautiful designs. We didn't give any more feed back because we weren't sure which concept we liked the most. Please give us some time to decide. Thanks, everybody, for participating.
  • Design Concepts Completed11 years ago

    Open design concept stage had ended with 1 submissions from 1 designers. Go to DESIGNS tab to view all submissions.

  • Design #45 by harshikagraphics is declared WINNER!11 years ago
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    boilinggold11 years ago
    We ran a poll based on our top choices. It was a close race. We chose the most popular one on our poll. Thank you to all the participants.