Ewing Farms LP

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Agriculture, Farming - we farm almond trees and grape vines to produce almonds and wine grapes.
  • Design Brief3 years ago
    Logo Name
    Ewing Farms LP
    Company Intro
    Agriculture, Farming - we farm almond trees and grape vines to produce almonds and wine grapes.
    We want to include the words Ewing Farms LP and have the LP in capitals but much smaller than "Ewing Farms" words because it is just the legal add on. We want to include more an almond focus by having an almond tree in front (because almonds is our main business, wine grapes second) Option 1 -Possibly with tree or 4 trees, in bloom or with the leaves just coming out and nuts forming but not totally full so you can see vineyard in the background. Option 2 - or it can be a fully formed almond tree (or 4 trees) with our name written in somehow with grape vines writing out the letters instead of having a grape vineyard in the background.
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    Paul Ewing3 years ago
    Some of the initial designs look good but are lacking the vineyard in the background. They have the tree but not the vineyard. Thanks
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    Paul Ewing3 years ago
    To clarify, we do not want the words "Grape Vines" included (we were referring to images of) or the words "Established 2021" included either. Thank you very much for participating.
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    Paul Ewing3 years ago
    Also the really dark or black backgrounds are not so suitable, the lighter background is more suitable. Thank you
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