Pleasure And Beyond

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Selling sex toys, lingerie,
  • Design Brief2 years ago
    Logo Name
    Pleasure And Beyond
    Company Intro
    Selling sex toys, lingerie,
    The company name is Pleasure and Beyond, I want the logo to have Initials or/and company name or initials capitalized and company name in smaller font. And to have bunny ears similar to the image I uploaded. And for the logo to be in a neon light sign style and colored pink. We would love to see your own imagination and creativity as well. Use the font and logo image similar to the image I uploaded. Please do not copy the same bunny image!
  • shiran itshakov2 years ago
    Do not use the same exact picture as I uploaded. Please be creative and do a similar image. Or can even use the initial letter shaped as a bunny.
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