Pristine Car Wash - Ver. 2

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This is a logo for five premium car wash locations.
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    Logo Name
    Pristine Car Wash - Ver. 2
    Company Intro
    This is a logo for five premium car wash locations.
    PLEASE DO NOT REDESIGN or modify ORIGINAL LOGO. Please read instructions below. The Brewhouse attachment is the best direction we are looking for. The logo will be used on all car wash buildings (lit) with letters as much as 60” high. Building drawings attached. We have a current logo but it’s too busy. We would like the logo to be predominately “Pristine” with slightly subordinate emphasis on “Car Wash”. Letters should be bold and capitalized with character added in either the font and/or subtle accent lines or swooshes (as in the attached swooshes in attached original Pristine logo). Please consider the building drawings when designing the logo because the most important aspect of the logo will be the sign. Colours should be light blue for “Pristine” and white for “Car Wash”. Dark blue or light grey can be added as a third colour to bring depth to the logo. We are looking for a clean, open and simple design (not busy, crowded - more classical). We liked are our previous design but it doesn’t work well for a large building sign and we found that we have to have two signs - our logo and a second “car wash” sign. We want to be clear that our buildings are indeed a car wash and incorporate classy design around it. I will try to include an example of what we are looking for (Canadian Brew House). Please pay no attention to the logo on the attached building drawing as it’s only a place holder. Colours and scheme on building drawings are set and cannot be changed.

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    This was our original logo design but it’s either too busy or does not have enough emphasis on the “car wash”.
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