Wine Cellars Unlimited

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    Wine Cellars Unlimited
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    Wine Cellars Unlimited
    I would like a professional luxurious design. I design and build wine cellars for residential and commercial clients. I would like the card to be grey. I have attached the color palette that was used for the logo. I want this design to be unique yet simple so that when people hold the card they are amazed. I want there to be different layers to the design. I will have a QR displayed on the front of the card so that customers can scan my information straight into their smartphone. Please get very creative and I wish all of the designers good luck!
    Wine Cellars Unlimited-01.png

    Business card
    Facebook cover

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    Client709502 years ago
    Please note, I do not want any gold in the design and I'm not asking you to copy these designs. Please read the brief. Please get creative. Those examples are purely for looks. My logo needs to be on the card. This is for branding purposes. Someone turned in a design without even having my logo in it?? Strange.
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    Client709502 years ago
    I have switched from a truck wrap to a Facebook Cover photo. I am not going to be using a truck wrap in the sense of how I am getting back these designs. Thank you
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    Client709502 years ago
    I have seen a lot designs with a larger ring outside of the logo. There is not a ring outside this logo. Please remove that from your designs. Thank you
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  • Boomstudioz selected as finalist!2 years ago
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    Client709502 years ago
    Please use this photo on the Facebook banner
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    Client709502 years ago
    I would also like to see a facebook banner with this wine cellar I built. Thank you
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