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We are a public library. Our audience is the public.
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    Dunlap Public Library
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    We are a public library. Our audience is the public.
    We would like the new logo of the Dunlap Public Library to incorporate the nature trail (Rock Island Trail) that borders our property (see photo below). It can also incorporate a standard book/pages image, but if so, we’d like it to be subtle. Another option might be to follow the lines of our prairie-style building entrance (see photos below). Another option might be to focus on the stone pillars and morph them into piles of books…? We would like the color palette of the logo to complement our building’s interior design, which is tan, forest/olive green, dark cream, and various brown tones. Basically, earth tones. Maroon or eggplant could work well. Our library’s motto/tagline is: “ReDiscover your library. ReDiscover your community.” If this can be fit into the logo, then great. It’s not a requirement. We like the following library logos, but are cautious about ripping them off entirely.
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    Dunlap Librarya month ago
    We like the idea of a round/ slightly rounded design. We also like maybe one main design element faded in the background behind other elements/wording. Basically, we're up for a lot of different designs.
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