Arizona Event Catering

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We are a special event catering business in Arizona.
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    Logo Name
    Arizona Event Catering
    Company Intro
    We are a special event catering business in Arizona.
    ******PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THESE NOTES***** I want something more modern, yet fun, “simple,” not too busy, and very creative. (Please note that I do not want something that looks like our current or previous logo. And I "do not" want to not use a chef icon). I think that maybe changing the focus of the logo wording from the word Arizona (as seen in the old logos), to the word “Catering,” In other words, the word “Catering” should be the focus. I like the idea of a modern two tone. I like the sun as an icon but open to other creative ideas for an icon that would be able to be used as a symbol of our business without any wording in some cases. I’m not asking for the brilliance of an Amazon smiling arrow “a to z,” but thinking along those lines might be helpful in creating something I can be proud of. If the design you are working on looks better abbreviating the word Arizona, to AZ, then I'm ok with that If it fits well. The current website is found at I also wanted to note that I need to be able to use the logo on both dark and light backdrops, I often make changes to these logos my self because I have Adobe Illustrator so colors need to be easily manipulated in photoshop as well. (Im not very experienced with either of these programs). I’m open to suggestion on a complete redesign with new colors, or two tone color.

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    Great working with this designer. Best design by far and responds well.