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I’m in the Michigan medical program and I need a nice clean logo to display to the public!
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    Logo Name
    Mid Mi Meds
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    I’m in the Michigan medical program and I need a nice clean logo to display to the public!
    Would love to have gold black and silver I also do like greens blues and reds and am willing to look at any colors for the logo since I’m in Michigan I’d also like to have the state of Michigan somewhere in there and to have some diamonds and like extract just to kind a tie in with the medical theme gonna leave a really rough draft I made from cutting and pasting to Snapchat if that helps at all with the letter logos😂😂 I don’t have a creative bone in my body so feel free to add whatever you think looks good! Thank you for the help!

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  • Design Concepts Completed4 days ago
  • J
    Jeremy13 days ago
    here is a very crappy picture I made from Snapchat just as a rough draft! The top logo stands for mid the bottom left is the mi and the bottom right is the meds! I had uploaded the wrong picture last time so wanted to put the right one up!
  • J
    Jeremy13 days ago
    The little diamond in my pic i made represents where I’m from so even if it’s not a diamond I’d like to have a star or so something around there to show where I’m from!
  • J
    Jeremy13 days ago
    Trying to make this as least confusing as possible so here is this also
  • J
    Jeremy13 days ago
    Please put the diamond around the flint area in Michigan! It should be in the picture but just want to clarify!
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    Killed it! Live my design more then ever!