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I got carried away while writing for you the designer: Read ideally or just scroll down the page already to get spoon-feed I exactly want. Generally I am here also to recruit people for permanent work into my network. Reading through all I wrote is how ever for some importance towards me. You really miss out important stuff if you don't consider visiting the Link put forward. Yes a lot of words, they shall inspire you, not constrain you. Charge you with energy not drain it. I was just hopping to trigger a reaction in terms of greatness generally speaking. That's all. Do your very best and this Starts with the Link. Few slogans and ideas I like from which you can pick and choose and work around or ignore them completely and just hand me your very best contest submission which didn't got picked so far, as a Hello from you. I can't tell you what to do. While this not like the others contests. This a one in a lifetime chance if you can't see that. You must blind. I not super wealthy of, while I happy to pay ten times the amount of the price. If someone actually can deliever what I was hoping for. Integrity from Privacy (Aas a slogan?) Able D. Paryon (Like this the most though) ADP, Be Able, 80Pi, 80.3.14 (Just some ideas) revolutionary mindset (As a theme for the logo. Molotov Cocktail and a forbidden sign as in forbidden to smoke, but forbidden to through Molotov Cocktails. Even riots depicted in the same manner.) putting the goal 17-23 times higher (Having somewhere as neat little detail the numbers 17 or 23 or 20 or 21 would awesome.) “organized insanity” & “Organized Madness” ( I don't what you think about this, while I would delighted to se something original here.) "humble or get humbled" ( Yes as slogan I love it really.) "Chaos into Order" (Is what I do really, if you boil down to the very basic. Maybe translate this into Latin or Old Greek. Or leave in English.) "worth a decade" (Yes it's cryptic and sucks as slogan, since people really get what I am saying but I think is great.) Think and Thank (Lovely as well, can't deny that.) You street. Your City. Your County. Your County. Your Continent. Your Planet. (That might even a an idea for another Logo contest in the near future. Since this more important to then being just a part of my personal brand.) “bible accurate angels” & “ophanim” A symbolic logo with that depiction I would really love to see few ideas and creations about. Highly curious. "Search for Meaning" (As a slogan or inspiration. How to even depict meaning as word? I search for meaning basically in unreal, in madness, in irrationality and try to brute force back some order and gift it towards humanity. Your really should read my blogpost though if you haven't yet and are confused.) "rise and shine" (Use this one already very frequently in private and public communication would really fit well into my life. A rising sun, with strong light, might be worth a try here. ) "warrior of the light" ( I love it, it's not from me. But so much I might even want to see it in my personal brand design. Just as a slogan or really some depiction of warrior, standing almost the defeated but still strong there holding unto bringing his light into the world." "10 languages by the age of 40" (This would be again an ester egg, not necessary while I love it. Just take 10, 40, 17, 20, 21, 23, 100, 1000 and try to place somewhere. One number is enough, a few great and all would foolish while fools are wise at times.) "most resistance out of principle" (Or just "most resistance"? Hey maybe go with "Able's Resistance Principle's." Damn a love. Should outsource it and make an entire contest just about that really. While if honest. If had the money I would do it with all the hints I given so far.)
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