Golden State Drone Solutions

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8 months ago
UAV/Drone based company. Please use the initials "GSDS"
  • Design Brief8 months ago
    Logo Name
    Golden State Drone Solutions
    Company Intro
    UAV/Drone based company. Please use the initials "GSDS"
    Suggestions: Incorporate drone into logo Drones have cameras, maybe use that as a design element Be creative in the design Think of different perspectives of the drone Be modern, less archaic Want someone to be able to look at the logo and distinguish us as a drone business without needing to read it Do not use the state outline

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  • Design Concepts Completed8 months ago
  • Tyler8 months ago
    We are extending the contest 48 hours. Please review the updated logo directions as we have refocused what we are looking for.
  • Tyler8 months ago
    24 hours to go and very little creative changes. We reopened this contest as were still struggling to find a design that resonates with us. Feel free to submit any and all ideas no matter how outlandish they may seem or how far from the original prompt they are - as clearly the current designs arent quite there.
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