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Business is a new Amazon facility in Erie, PA. Facility name is WEE1.
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  • Design Brief9 months ago
    Logo Name
    Company Intro
    Business is a new Amazon facility in Erie, PA. Facility name is WEE1.
    Attached are some examples that were previously selected as winners for other sites (please see WTH1 and HSM1 attachments). Key features we would like to see for the WEE1 logo are a detailed flagship, as close as possible a representation to the USS Niagara, also referred to as the Flagship Niagara (please see attached photo of USS Niagara). On the biggest sail we would like to have the Amazon Wagonwheel logo, (please see attached). We would also like to have the Erie Bicentennial Tower as part of the image (please see attached), maybe in the background left or background right. And if possible, We would like to see the shape of Presque Isle State Park incorporated as well. (please see attached) As far as the writing, we NEED 3 things: "WEE1" - the building name, "ERIE" - the city we are based out of, and "GSF" - the part of the Amazon network we are a part of. It would also be nice if we can get the "Don't give up the ship" slogan somewhere as well, maybe even on a flag or sail on the ship.
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    5 Stars
    Very talented and responsive designer. Read through the contest brief, referenced the photos provided in the brief, and made up some stellar designs. The final designs were almost exclusively this designer. Fantastic work.