Pizzas and Parties

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This is a Blog for Home Made Pizzas for Home Parties
  • Design Brief3 years ago
    Logo Name
    Pizzas and Parties
    Company Intro
    This is a Blog for Home Made Pizzas for Home Parties
    1. Circular Logo. 2. Can be abstract, colour, black or white or anything, use your imagination. 3. Logo must work well with a white background. 4. Have at least a pizza slice or pizza representation with party/celebration imagery eg. Fireworks, Champagne, lanterns, dancing - fun element etc.. again, please use you imagination. 5. Logo Sizes must work well at the following: 1. 480 x 480 pixels & 2. A favicon of 40 x 40 pixels 6. Please only use "Pizzas and Parties" on the design & no other wording. Also only use the P's as Upper case & all other wording in lower case
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    Steve3 years ago
    Hi, I made an error on my order, I should of asked for a favicon to be included as just a separate design, my bad. I will complete the favicon myself, I will use the 2 P's only & not use the circles which I can edit from the original design. Thanks for your work & time, best wishes, Steve.