J Brews Coffee Shop

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Coffee shop offering coffee products to all demographics
  • Design Brief6 months ago
    Logo Name
    J Brews Coffee Shop
    Company Intro
    Coffee shop offering coffee products to all demographics
    We want a clean and simple design that isn't noisy. Not super colorful; something more mono or dual chrome. We are open to various color schemes - doesn't have to be black/white or black/brown. Use your creative juices! We are open to different fonts as well but we do like the "sports/jersey" font as in the uploaded image. We would like to incorporate the star also as in the uploaded image, between the "J" and "Brews". But it does not necessarily have to be a star; could be a dash or some other symbol. We'd also love to see a logo that has the words "coffee shop" under the main name.

    Reference Samples

  • Design Concepts Completed6 months ago
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    Client753796 months ago
    So we want to change the word "shop" to "house". For future designs can those words be swapped?
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    Client753796 months ago
    Also, we don't mind the circular logo. But we also like the super simple logos with just the name "J-Brews" then "Coffee Shop." We'd love to see new logos that do not incorporate the circular design.
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    Client753796 months ago
    The more we look at logo designs, the less and less we like the whole circular designs in the 3 attached examples. Please go off of our example. And if you could somehow incorporate a coffee cup/mug infront of the phrase "J-Brews" that would be preferred. Also, remember we no longer want the word "shop", we want it to say "Coffee House".
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