Grains & Taps

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Brewery, taproom, and full service bar serving high end craft beverages
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    Logo Name
    Grains & Taps
    Company Intro
    Brewery, taproom, and full service bar serving high end craft beverages
    We would like simplified and more modern versions of the current logos we are using that can be used in print (keeping in mind printing on small spaces) and digital media. We would like up to three versions, one that is circular, another that is more suited to a printed banner, and another that is a crest/shield/badge shape. Please incorporate a beer glass and barley/wheat in the design. Thin line, minimalistic iconography representing barley or wheat stalks, beer glass, etc. is preferable over more cartoonish styles of design. Use a Belgian tulip style glass, not a mug or stein style. Represent with yellow color that the glass is full with a small amount of foam atop it. We have used Bank Gothic typeface in the past and would like to see it or something similar (simple, sans serif) used. Our current color scheme for our business is yellow, black, and white. Included attachments are: --photos of glassware that we use in our brewery for an example of the Belgian tulip style as well as the volume of beer to be represented in the logo. --a sketch of a badge style logo . The outline is the shape of a bourbon/wine barrel. --images from a stock image website to serve as inspiration for the thin line, modern style we would like to see. --rough draft of a circular style logo

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