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  • Design Brief3 months ago
    Logo Name
    LodgeWell Consulting
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    Business Consulting
    I am looking for a logo similar to my first logo which is attached. This new logo is for a second business named LodgeWell Consulting. I want to keep the circle of palm trees and remove the house and girl in the hammock. Then, place a brain made of money in the center (see attached for inspiration). I want the brain stem to extend down and turn into a "connection." One that people can connect to, and download valuable information. I want the two colors, or at least the two main colors to be Purple, and red ( like the Toronto Raptors ). With the palm trees green, and using the same font. I will need heavy resolution and all the different good-looking color schemes you can come up with. Good Luck!

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    Client477823 months ago
    This is what I mean when I say use the actual brain I uploaded.
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    Client477825 days ago
    As usual... nice work! Please provide all files and color schemes we discussed. Thank you.
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    5 Stars
    Very easy to work with!!