Kirkland Natural Medicine

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I have a naturopathic medicine clinic. Doctor, primary care medicine, Natural Medicine.
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    Kirkland Natural Medicine
    Business Card Front of the card:Name Address Phone email Website logo Back of the card:Logo Slogan-Your parters in health Social media cover design logo and a nice design
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    Client59084a month ago
    Hello Boomstudioz, I just noticed that there is a major typo in my design and it is totally my fault because I had misspelled the slogan, however it is wrong on my Facebook cover and on the back of my business card design. I totally didn't catch it at the time It is supposed to say "Your Partners in Health" and what I wrote and you copied was Your Parters in Health which is totally wrong. Do you think you could fix these designs the Facebook cover and back of business card to say "Your Partners in Health" Please? Thank you!
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    5 Stars
    The design was great and Boomstudioz was responsive to making any necessary changes.