black golfers association (BGA)

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We are a black golf group which formed in 2012. We started this group to find people of color to play golf with. We love competition, fellowship with each other after the rounds an we have golf instructors and teachers and counselors that want to grow the game of golf in our communities. I believe the BGA will make a huge impact on golfers of color if we can get our kids interested at a young age. My logo will need to be able to reach across to the young people as well as women and older men. We will be starting a web site with memberships for anyone wanting to support this venture regardless of race, color or gender. We will also have an online store to purchase several BGA golf accessories and apparel. We are trying to make golf in our community cool and fun and to show our youth that sports does not just revolve around Football and basketball. We will also teach our members about the black history behind this game called golf and where we contributed.
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