Russell Stutely

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Pressure point fighting, Martial Arts and Self defense online lessons and DVDs
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    Russell Stutely
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    Pressure point fighting, Martial Arts and Self defense online lessons and DVDs
    We are looking for a BRAND NEW LOGO. It will be used on our website - and on various Apparel... T Shirts etc. The Logo must be presented in the highest quality for our Printers and also in Web quality PSD with TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND... So we can save as png etc and put on any colour we want. There should be 3 VERSIONS OF THE SAME LOGO VERSION 1: Logo and Text VERSION 2: Logo ONLY VERSION 3: Text ONLY Our site is the text will be: Russell Stutely Pressure Point Fighting The text will be alongside the Logo in this example. The Logo design MUST be something VERY CLEAN AND SIMPLE... That generates the idea of training / learning / self defense etc.. but NOT a fist. It could be something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Color Scheme MUST BE BOLD AND REALLY STAND OUT - It MAY be going on T Shirts / Caps / Hoodies etc... so will need to stand out on various backgrounds. So, the logo etc could be VERY SIMPLE in design as long as it is VERY CLEAN AND BOLD. Some Keywords to give an idea of what the Logo should represent Martial Arts Self Defense Pressure Point Fighting Physical training for fitness Boxing Online training Online learning

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