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Logo Design Revision: How to handle logo revisions & delivery

Congratulations for being selected as the logo contest winner. Oftentimes, clients may still have additional revision requests on the winning design. In this article, we will show you how to handle logo revision effectively on the 48hourslogo platform.

Once your design is declared a winner, you will be directed to the design package page where you can upload design package(zip) file.

Final design revisions

If the client has any final revision request, please make sure you upload the revised design at the bottom of the design package page and get a confirmation before preparing the final package file.

Attached your design revisions at the bottom of the delivery page

Update the winning design

Once the final design is confirmed, make sure you update the winning design to the latest version by clicking open the winning design entry then the update design button to upload the latest design image.

Click the 【Update Design】button to update the winning entry to the latest

It is very important to update the winning design to the latest version as it will appear on the Logo Copyright Doc for the client.

Design package(zip) file

You logo pacakge file should be in zip format and should always include the following:

  • High resolution JPG and PNG
  • Black & White logo
  • Vectored PDF
  • Vector source file

In additional to the default files, you should also include the brand documents specified on your logo package page.

Include required brand documents in your zip file
  • Black & White logo: both black and white version of the logo
  • Design Mockup: at least 2 logo mockups that’s relevant for the brand
  • Color Palette/Options: brand colors; you can also show logo in different color variations
  • Logo Layout Options: both horizontal and vertical logo layout options
  • Iconography/Favicon: Separate design icon to be used as Favicon or social media profile
  • Brand Guideline: Dos & Don’t; Minimum size and clear spacing. It’s up to you

Click here for a detailed example of design package delivery.