Many of our customers choose to get a matching brand identity design after creating their custom logos. And one of popular brand identity design option is social media cover design. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, our designers can help you create a design that perfectly matches your brand.

Social media cover design contains 2 major components: the square profile photo and header image. For Facebook, the recommend dimensions are 180×180 pixels for profile photo and 828×315 pixels for the header image. So before you start, try think about what your visitors should see when visiting your Facebook home page and the following examples should give you pretty good ideas.

different social media cover design with interesting gradients
With busy images and text, this social media cover design with simple gradients can actually stands out.

facebook book cover with art and shape
Facebook book cover with simple art and shapes

facebook cover as banner ads
Have a special message or event? This cover design simply act as a banner ads.

facebook cover as mini photo gallery
If helpful, consider design your Facebook cover as a mini photo gallery

facebook cover design featuring official website URL
If you have an official website, your header image can be used to feature your website URL and bring traffic to your main site.

facebook cover design with additional text info
Placing additional information about your brand in your Facebook cover image

facebook cover featuring the main product
Flaunt your brand with this simple social media cover design

facebook cover that's simple and effective
Let the color speak with this simple yet effective design

facebook cover with interesting photo grid design
Make a photo grid with your band image and products.

facebook cover with photo background and slogan
Beautiful themed background featuring your brand slogan

facebook cover with photo background
Make a statement about your business. Notice the design of the profile photo helps pointing to the main message.

facebook cover with simple left and right layout
Simple left and right layout to help deliver your brand message

simple facebook cover design with call to action
Simple Facebook cover design with the “Call to action”

social meida cover design with symbols and patterns
Keep it simple with just a patterned background.