We know people make mistakes from time to time. Our warning point system will track # of warnings each designer has received. 

Follow our rules

Please make sure you read Designer Rules to understand how to participate on our platform. No big deal if you happen to get a warning point, we want you to stay with us for the long term so a small mistake is no big deal. 

Reporting violations

If you think a design violates our rule, you can report it by clicking on the link on the lower right side of the design image. 

Do not file a report lightly. Make sure you explain clearly why this is a violation.

Respond to a violation

If your design is reported, make sure you respond ASAP by comment under the thread. Fail to respond may result in additional penalty.

Warnings & Penalties

Each designer account is allowed a maximum of 9 warning points before account termination. You will also be fined when you receive a warning as such:

1st warning — $10 fine deducted from your balance
2nd warning — $20
3rd warning — $30

10th warning — Account termination

Note: For new designers with less than 3 contest wins,  your account will be terminated if you receive more than 3 warning points.