How to get more designers to join my contest?

Obviously your contest prize level and whether it’s a guaranteed contest will have a big impact on designer participation. However, there are several other ways to attract more designers to join your contest.

Simplify your design brief

Designers will scan through design briefs and look for simple and easy ones to join. So keep that in mind when setting up your contest, and don’t forget to pick some sample designs your like from our gallery or upload any reference images or samples that you think will help designer understand your preference.

Provide direct feedback

Even if you don’t like a design, you can still provide some direct feedback and encourage designer to submit new concepts that’s closer to what you want.

Featured upgrade

Featured contests will be highlighted above our regular contests and making it more accessible to our designers. On average, featured contests receives about 25% more logo submissions.

Use designer invite

You can send a designer invite (with $5 bonus) to any of our top logo designers and asking him/her to join your contest.

Basically, while designers are competing in your contest, you are also competing with other contest holders for designer’s time and attentions. Besides contest prize, simple brief , active and friendly contest holder tend to attract more designers.

By Chris

Chief Everything Officer at 48hourslogo

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