Adding your logo to your presentation is a great way to personalize and brand your project. It will add business appeal and make your logo recognizable. A presentation with your logo will look good at conferences or business meetings.

If you plan to create a business presentation, you can consider some video maker and online video splitter to make the presentation more interesting,  or you can find a beautiful, stylish, concise template, and then put your logo there. The right template and a well-done presentation will improve the success of the project as a whole. With the high-quality template, you can add and edit desired text, edit the color scheme, add photos or pictures, change the fonts. There are special tables, graphs, and charts on the slides. You can visualize all the working information, so it is easier to perceive the audience. If you don’t know where to find a high-quality template, we will tell you. You can find many PowerPoint presentation templates on MasterBundles and crowdsource your logo design on 48hourslogo.

Customize the templates according to your corporate colors and add text that emphasizes the tone of the company. When the presentation is ready, add your company logo. Use these PowerPoint templates to create a unique and creative business presentation to improve your brand and surprise your competitors. If you need assistance crafting a PowerPoint presentation from the ground up, experienced professionals at can make sure your presentation is exactly what you need and nothing short of perfect.

How to Add a Logo to a Professional Presentation: Step-by-Step Instructions

We have prepared a short instruction that will help you create a business presentation and add your company logo to it:

  • To begin with, choose the perfect template that is suitable for your company. To begin with, choose the perfect template that is suitable for your company. Download it and edit it to your liking. You can change fonts, and colors, and add or remove icons. Also, business presentations have a lot of tables, and graphs. Use them if you need to present the results of analysis or research.
  • When the presentation is ready, move on to adding the logo. Choose a relevant one taking into account the scope of the business, corporate values, and the idea of the project. 
  • To add a logo to your presentation, go to View, and then click Slide Master. In this section, you can edit the logo and add it to all your slides at once. Add the logo to the Slide Master and edit it the way you would like it to appear in your presentation. You can change its location and size. 
  • When you have placed the logo, exit this mode to Normal View. The logo is now placed on all slides at once. This is very useful if your presentation has many slides. 
  • Done! Now you can save your presentation and share it with your colleagues, your audience, or your competitors. 

A simple and stylish presentation template will be your aid in visualizing your business projects. Your team will appreciate your work if you put all the project details in a stylish and beautiful presentation. To make it easier for you to create delightful professional presentations, we’ve put together the best templates. Let’s take a look at this collection.

Best Professional SWOT Presentation Templates 

This template would work well for constructing a SWOT analysis. With the help of simple but convenient forms, you will be able to analyze the performance of your business and depict it in the presentation. You will get 40 slides with different designs, where you can depict all the details. The colors of the presentation are bright and pleasing to the eye, attracting attention.

Such a presentation can be presented to your colleagues, bosses, or business partners.

This cool and modern design is perfect for SWOT reports and financial analytics. The template is made in two color schemes: white and blue. You will get a lot of slides to implement your ideas. This template is very easy to redesign to your taste. Here you will find many different schemes, diagrams, and icons that you can customize to your vision of the project. So if you need to have a custom presentation that is quick and easy to edit, this template is perfect for you. 

This is a large set that consists of 300 different slides. If you often have to work with analytics and create SWOT presentations, this set is perfect for you. Here you will find many different icons, graphs, and tables, which are easy and convenient to edit. You’ll be able to add text, photos, and images, and change colors to make your presentation fit your taste. Five bright and beautiful colors are available to you. 

It is a stylish and comfortable design that is perfect for work tasks. With the help of this template, you will be able to depict the results of analyses with the help of graphs and tables. You will get 38 slides that you can edit to your liking. There are graphs, diagrams, and vector images in the set. If you’re looking for a modern template with an elegant style, check out this one. Just download the template and customize it for your project. 

If you need to prepare an amazing presentation, then this template is perfect for you. If you need to prepare a delightful presentation, then this template is perfect for you. You will get 70 slides with graphs, tables, icons, and infographics elements. They are quick and easy to edit, you can customize them to your liking. Five colors are available to choose from to fully customize your project.

A professional presentation is a good opportunity to improve your business. And the logo in the presentation will help increase brand recognition. MasterBundles templates for business help you present your business ideas in a stylish and modern way. A well-done presentation with colorful pictures, graphs, and charts will help visualize your ideas as accurately as possible. In this way, your business has every chance of being promoted.