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5 Marketing Experts Show you the Importance of a Great Logo

Logo’s are really important for businesses and I thought we’d ask a couple experts in the Internet Marketing world how important they think a logo really is to a business.

This is our compilation of a ton of Experts giving you their thoughts on logos for your business.

Charles Floate of God of SEO

charles floate

I’ve been an SEO for almost 5 years now and logo’s have always been the defining feature of a website. Where do you press to go home? What is it that sticks in peoples mind? What is the thing that you’ll use across the web, offline and everywhere possible? Your logo!

Perception and the look of your logo is really important not only for it to stick in people’s minds but for it to be the brand building factor that’ll push your business into the future!

A perfect example of this is the logos that 48 Hours Logo feature in their post a project section. They show the best and brightest from the 21st century (and before) that stick with people and are immediately recognizeable –

post a project logo examples

This also showcases the different types of logos you can have and what represents different brands across different industries.

A business is only as good as it’s brand, and if your logo sucks… Then your brand probably does too! (At the very least, your branding campaign will suck)

Matthew Barby of Find my Blog Way

matthew barby

Your logo is one of the first things that a potential customer will see on your website and can be used to make your brand stand out from the rest. Colour, typography, imagery and content all play a vital role in creating a perception of your company.

For me, logos are all about triggering an emotional response from the viewer. Just thinking about certain colours will trigger you to immediately think of a specific brand (just take this quiz to see what I mean):

Purple – Cadbury

Red – Coca Cola

White – Apple

In particular, colour plays a huge role in building a psychological perception of your brand. This article from Owen Oliver digs a little deeper into the emotions attached to specific colours.

Studies have shown that the colour of a product influences 60-80% of a customer’s purchasing decision, so you can understand why businesses invest so much money into understanding what their customers respond to.

Personally, I like to see quite abstract, minimalist designs. Most of the biggest brands follow this design path; the Nike tick, the McDonalds’ ‘M’ and the Apple ‘apple’. All of these logos are so simple, yet tell us a lot about the brand.

For example, the White colour of Apple’s logo reflects purity and cleanliness, which is reflected in the clean designs of their products. Likewise, the bold black Nike tick demonstrates power and dominance, giving you the perception that their products are for elite sportsmen.

Whether you’re building a major international brand or a small local business, your logo design needs to fit in with the image that you’re trying to portray – neglect this and you’ll end up sending confusing messages to your customers.

Chris Dyson of TripleSEO

chris dyson

A lot of people confuse the definition of the term “logo”. The word logo is used to refer to any symbol created for the purpose of identification, therefore your logo is the moniker by which your customers will be able to identify your business, and it should not be used to explain or sell.

As such your logo is an important piece of your businesses brand strategy and needs to avoid being complex and overly cluttered.

When designing your logo and brand you need to think carefully about the psychological elements that align with your business. Think about the emotions that different colours evoke for example red is often used for passion/excitement but it also has a connotation of danger.

You need to think about the shape and form of the different elements in your logo – men think about sex on average 19 times per day and you don’t want a London 2012 fiasco on your hands…

Venchito Tampon of Digital Philippines

venchito tampon

There are several reasons why a website/brand should have its own logo. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • It gives your target audience an idea on what industry you’re working in.
  • It differentiates your brand from other companies in your industry.
  • It builds your brand’s mind share. When asked for a product/service, the logo can spread out the message about your brand (your customers can easily share what they know about your company by simply showing your visual asset to their peers).
  • It strengthens your brand identity (especially when your logo is unique and conveys professionalism and brand’s core values).

Here is a good example.

Pat Flynn recently launched his new niche website and one element that he cares the most is the logo of his site.

With a simple look at the logo, you know already that the site is about trucks (even if you remove the text, “Food Truckr”). This is a good example of how you should take advantage of your logo to help your customers easily remember your brand.

food truckr logo

You may want to check out my previous post about strengthening your brand identity. You can get useful advices from that post (I’m sure about it).

Lucas Abraham of SEOStyx

seo styx

In my opinion decent memorable logo for your blog or company is essential. For the sake of explaining the need i shall use a blog as an example. If someone visits your blog one of the first things they will notice is the logo. This gives them an instant opinion of your blog, this opinion you want them to think of you as a professional in your niche and not just someone trying to make some money with no effort. The logo is something that passes trust to the visitor, this is another key factor behind making sure you don’t just have a pathetic Arial text Title.

Another part about having a good memorable logo is that if you are posting on forums, people may recognise the logo and check out your site again if they are not on your mailing list and thus increasing the chances of them signing up.

The idea of a logo is more than what most people think. The trust it gives along with aiding people in remembering you no matter where you are posting is extremely helpful and will increase your traffic and loyal members over time.

It’s not just an image 😉

That’s All 5!

That was our 5 Expert Opinions, tell us why you think logo’s are so important in the comments section below!

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  • Chris Dyson made a great point: a logo shouldn’t be used to sell or explain your company. I agree it’s counter-productive to try to tell a company’s entire history or marketing in a logo. That approach almost always equals a weak and messy design.

  • FireBaculi

    Just a constructive view here: The Digital Philippines logo looks anything but digital (I guess not the appropriate font choices; honestly not so techie and digital looking symbol execution; and the colors can definitely be improved to command more authority). Maybe the site can help pimp their logo. Because contrary to the wisdom imparted by Mr Tampon above, it clearly weakens its brand identity.

  • Charles Floate

    Nice idea man! Yeh, I think it’s an OLLDDDDDD logo 😛

  • Charles Floate

    Yup! You want a clean logo, not a busy one 🙂