Investigation Logos

To find an investigation logo style to suit your business, let's examine the evidence. Our line up of designers have a wealth of experience and can deliver a logo to put you in the picture. Fingerprints, magnifying glasses, cameras and other images related to detecting and surveillance are popular themes to use in investigation firm logos. Crests and emblems are also used as they imitate law enforcement badges and official forms of identification. Take a look a the gallery of investigation logos below to see if you can find a good lead.

Investigation logo design inspiration

Use blue to give it authority

Blue is the color of law enforcement, and investigative companies are allied to the legal domain so, it makes sense to emphasize that connection. Darker blues with silver or gold accents will give your investigation logo a sense of authority, particularly if incorporated into a crest or emblem style. Using font styles that have outlines in an alternate color helps to emphasize this. Blue can also be used as the background color and is particularly effective when using metallic text.

I spy with my little eye

Whether you're involved in looking for financial data or forensics related to potential criminal activity, your investigative logo should highlight the activity of searching. Images such as fingerprints, cameras and magnifying glasses visually represent the act of seeking information and can be used to emphasize your particular service. Torches, lamps and other light sources are also useful as they demonstrate the illuminating nature of finding information. Ask our designers about an image to support your investigative logo and provide evidence of your services.

By Ciara

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